Stomach Cancer Patient Stories
  • They come from different countries but have similar experience; they are all tortured by cancer. Fortunately, with effective treatment and carful nursing in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, they fight against cancer bravely and now regain their confidence of life. Here, they share their anti-cancer experiences.

Stomach Cancer Patient Stories

Bui Ba Hien      Stomach Cancer

Bui Ba Hien is a Vietnamese stomach cancer patient. He took interventional therapy and surgery at St. Stamford MCHG. At present, his tumor has gone and tumor marker from 3954 u/ml ...

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Bastari      Stomach Cancer

An Indonesian stomach cancer patient, Bastari, hospitalized in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in January, 2015. After taking interventional therapy, natural therapy and photodynam...

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Nguyen Khac Chuong      stomach cancer

What is the feeling of getting closed to death? The 72-year-old Nguyen Khac Chuong had experienced this deeply. Since he was detected stomach cancer of late stage in 2010, he has ac...

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Asm Tanvir Ahmed      gastric cancer

Mr. Asm Tanvir Ahmed This is the third time that Mr. Asm Tanvir Ahmed comes to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China for follow-up examination and treatments. The examination resu...

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