A Letter to Our Patients and Their Families

Dear Patients and family members,

Happy New Year! To cooperate with national and local governments to control the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), our hospital would like to share with you the following points:

1. Our hospital implements ward accompanying visitation system, one patient could be accompanied by a person. The ward is not allowed to visit. If needed, an application shall be submitted to and examined and approved by the attending physician.

2. Visitors should truthfully inform whether they have fever or respiratory symptoms. Please do not visit our hospital if you come from the epidemic area in Wuhan or have contact with the people in Wuhan after January 8, 2020.

3. Inpatients and their attendants should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and monitor temperature and respiratory symptoms. If there are any suspected symptoms, please inform the hospital staff immediately.

4. During the hospitalization,  please do not make the rounds, participate crowd chat or other gathering activities. If not necessary like go to other hospital for examination and treatment, please do not leave the ward.

5. During this special period, patients and their family members are advised to order meals at the hospital canteen in order to reduce the chances of going out to buy ingredients and reduce the risk of infection.

6. Do not go out during hospitalization. Those who must go out need to sign the notification form after the attending physician's evaluation and permission. Please wear a mask during going out, and wash hands after return.

7. Please wear a mask on the way home from hospital and keep the habit of washing hands frequently.


1. All the outpatients in our hospital should finish first pre-diagnosis triage and then go to the corresponding clinic for treatment.

2. Before travel, it is suggested overseas patients who come to our hospital for medical treatment to pay attention to the information of Guangzhou customs. Now Guangzhou customs may ask you to take your temperature and have some protection. Our hospital will take protective measures for the patients.

3. If it is only the time for follow up visit and you don't have any discomfort, you can contact your attending physician for delaying this follow up visit according to the medical condition.

4.  Now the necessary examination and treatment in the hospital are carried out as usual, and all work have returned to normal on Feb. 3.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. We have one heart and one mind to conquer the difficulties. Wish you a happy and healthy Spring Festival.

St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

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